I’m Heather! The designer behind Heather Design Co. I’ve always loved drawing and doodling even from a young age! Getting to see my designs turned into products is so amazing to me and I can’t wait to see more!

Butterfly Garden

Holiday Greetings

Summer Storm

This collection was designed based off of those summer days where the heat from the day causes a big storm to roll in pushing the sunshine aside to make way for thunder and lightning.

Watercolor Breeze

A soft color scheme that evokes calmness and a sense of harmony was the inspiration behind this collection.

Serenity Daydream

A peaceful day when you’re letting your daydreams wander while watching the clouds is the essence of the serenity daydream collection.

Prairie Days

Walking on a prairie dirt road surrounded by vibrant fields and ditches filled with wildflowers is where my inspiration came for this collection.

Floral Boho Mini Collection

This is my signature collection with some of my favorite designs!

Misc. Patterns

Here is a section where you can find unique designs that I have created.